Hello everyone! today we will be learning about javaScript use cases, like where they are implemented and how to do it plays a crucial role in it.


There’s no denying that JavaScript is everywhere, but just how are some of the world’s largest tech companies using JavaScript? For these 10 companies, JavaScript is immensely important, and that doesn’t look like it’s going to change any time soon.


Okay, so you’re probably not going to find JavaScript powering Windows anytime soon, but Microsoft relies on JavaScript for a whole lot else.

First off, Microsoft needs to work closely with JavaScript…

Hello all! Today we will see how to make an app lock using the Machine Learning.

We have classified this code into four segments, inorder to achieve the better success with the model.

Here we will be importing the libraries-

Hello people!!! I hope everyone is fine and safe and making the most out of this pandemic time.

Recently I attended a two days workshop on JavaScript by the world record holder Vimal Daga sir, where he aims to explain everything about javascript from beginners to advance level. I personally liked the way he took this initiative so that he can enhance the learning spirit of the learners and the best thing about this workshop was that it was totally free of cost, which is for me is the best thing about this workshop.

Before attending this workshop, we were…

Hello folks!!! Today we will make a personal video chat application using a simple python code without employing the Open cv2 module.

Let’s directly jump into the explanation and coding part…



We will be importing the required libraries for further procedures. They are-Socket, json, pickle, cv2

Hello folks! today we will be learning about how to create image by your own using Python code specially in Open cv.

Before starting the actual coding we need to import the two basic libraries- Open cv and numpy because these are the two libraries that we will use in further composition of the image.

Import the libraries as:

Hello Learners!!! Today we will be expanding our knowledge about how we can use a confusion matrix in dealing with cybercrimes.

What is Confusion Matrics…most of us have this as our first question?RIGHT so let's know about confusion matrix first.

When we get the data, after data cleaning, pre-processing, and wrangling, the first step we do is to feed it to an outstanding model and of course, get output in probabilities. But how can we measure the effectiveness of our model? Better the effectiveness, better the performance and that are what we want. And it is where the Confusion matrix…

Today we will be going to study how we can run any GUI application using Docker Container, so let's get started…

Task2 Description

GUI container on the Docker

Launch a container on docker in GUI mode

Run any GUI software on the container

We will carry out this procedure in a number of steps and every step is needed to be performed carefully-

Step 1:Check whether Docker exists in your system or not.

We can do that by using the following command-

docker version

Step 2: Now we will install Centos Image.

docker pull centos:latest

Step 3: After this we…

Today we will be learning about how to train a simple machine learning model inside a container caller Docker.


View all is a user-friendly streaming service OTT platform an application that provides all streaming service applications under a single window. view all application allows content owners and providers to quickly offer a premium live and on-demand TV product to our customers.

Fun fact about OTT Platforms in India: 35% of growth is seen year-over-year in the number of India’s OTT video viewers. There are 2.5 times more vernacular users compared to the English Internet user base.

Role & Skills:

  • Logo design.
  • UX designer.
  • Information Architecture.
  • Visual Designer.
  • Brand Designer.
  • UI Designer.
  • Wireframing.
  • Researching.

Design process:

hey everyone… i just come up with a new content…just give it a read.


  • “Unity is strength”. This old saying expresses pretty well the underlying idea that rules the very powerful “ensemble methods” in machine learning.
  • Roughly, ensemble learning methods, that often trust the top rankings of many machine learning competitions (including Kaggle’s competitions), are based on the hypothesis that combining multiple models together can often produce a much more powerful model.
  • The purpose of this post is to introduce various notions of ensemble learning.
  • We will give the reader some necessary keys to well understand and use related methods…

Yash Rawat

UI/UX Designer. I am 3rd year student of B.tech

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